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Studio Manager

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Jenn has studied Pilates since 2006 and has been teaching the Peak Pilates® method since 2012. She was first introduced to Pilates after suffering a neck injury as a result of an automobile accident. Through Pilates, by focusing on her core strength, posture and overall mind-body awareness, Jenn regained full range of motion in her neck and alleviated her pain entirely. As a result of her experience with Pilates, she changed her career so she could help other people achieve the same results.​

Jenn has an innate ability to connect with students of all ages and fitness levels. She is patient and caring and provides a safe environment to promote learning. She has worked with competitive athletes and dancers and enjoys teaching students with limitations such as neck, shoulder and back as well as hip and knee conditions. Additionally, Jenn has worked with many students with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. 

Jenn’s goal is to promote learning allowing others to explore their own potential by developing greater body awareness, strengthening the core and working on both stability and mobility of the body. She believes that everyone should practice Pilates.

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